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82nd Airborne News

Reads: 1048
Posted by Bravo17 on Tuesday, May 26 @ 18:30:57 CDT

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is coming out on November 10, 2009 and the trailer is out. Click on the picture to see the trailer and visit the website.


Fun Fact: CoD:Modern Warfare 2 is the tenth Call of Duty which is somehow the sequel to the 4th???

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82nd Airborne News

Reads: 676
Posted by Bravo17 on Tuesday, April 21 @ 20:31:29 CDT

The 82nd in Desert Storm

Seven months later, the paratroopers were again called to war. Six days after the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait on August 2, 1990, the 82nd became the vanguard of the largest deployment of American troops since Vietnam.

The first unit to deploy to Saudi Arabia was a task force comprising the Division's 2nd Brigade. Soon after, the rest of the Division followed. There, intensive training began in anticipation of fighting in the desert with the heavily armored Iraqi Army.

The adage, or battle cry picked up by the paratroopers was, "The road home...is through Baghdad."

On January 16, 1991, Operation DESERT STORM began when an armada of Allied war planes pounded Iraqi targets. The ground war began almost six weeks later. On February 23, the vehicle mounted 82nd Airborne Division paratroopers protected the XVIII Airborne Corps flank as fast-moving armor and mechanized units moved deep inside Iraq. A 2nd Brigade task force was attached to the 6th French Light Armored Division becoming the far left flank of the Corps. In the short 100-hour ground war, the vehicle mounted 82nd drove deep into Iraq and captured thousands of Iraqi soldiers and tons of equipment, weapons and ammunition.

After the liberation of Kuwait, the 82nd began its redeployment back to Fort Bragg with most of the Division returning by the end of April. Following the Division's return and subsequent victory parades, the troopers began to re-establish some of the systems that had become dormant during their eight months in the desert. On top of the list was the regaining of individual and unit airborne proficiency and the continuation of tough and realistic training. In August 1992, the Division was alerted to deploy a task force to the hurricane-ravaged area of South Florida and provide humanitarian assistance following Hurricane Andrew. For more than 30 days, Division troopers provided food, shelter and medical attention to a grateful Florida population, instilling a sense of hope and renewed confidence in the military.

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82nd Airborne News

Reads: 1678
Posted by Webmaster on Tuesday, April 21 @ 06:27:41 CDT

The 82nd Airborne has officially been entered in a new TR.net event called Days of War and has been randomly matched up with their first opponent |CZP| ( Combat Zone Professionals ). Days of War ( DoW ) is a double elimination tournament for Call of Duty World at War structured by brackets and randomly pitting units against one another. The 82nd will put their tactics and skill to the test against sixteen other units in the Tactical Realism community to become number one.

Here is the DoW bracket and we will be updating it each week after the weekend matches are finished. Good luck 82nd!

Click Here to view larger image.

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82nd Airborne News

Reads: 633
Posted by Webmaster on Monday, March 23 @ 00:00:00 CDT

Some Fun Facts about Call of Duty: World at War

If you shoot off an enemy head they will still scream, even though they lack a head. If you look in the trailer, there is a person with blond hair that is not seen in the game.

It is possible this is what C. Miller, the main Marine Raider in the game, looks like, as this person was nowhere to be found in the campaign. Also, the scene where the same person assaults the Japanese soldier is not in the game.

In the first cutscene of the game a Marine is being fitted for battle. He's labeled as Pvt. Miller, this man looks something like Miller's partially obscured photo, so it can be assumed that this is what Miller looks like.

On Blowtorch & Corkscrew, the day is May 14th, 1945. Polonsky says that they "don't get shit until tomorrow". Presumably, their assault takes place the next day, but the assault on Shuri Castle takes place on May 29th, 1945. At some point 15 days were skipped.

On Eviction, the day is April 24, 1945. The metro tunnel gets flooded at the end of the level. On Heart of the Reich, you are dragged from the flooded metro by Sgt. Reznov. The day is April 30, 1945. You were under water for six days.

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82nd Airborne News

Reads: 3918
Posted by Webmaster on Thursday, March 12 @ 11:29:01 CDT

Paratrooper uniforms

The jump suit

photo courtesy of Jaguar

The first American military paratrooper wore the early-war HBT onepiece suit for training. As this was unsuitable for actual Combat, a new uniform was introduced early 1941. Made of Olive drab shade No.3 uniform twill, this was composed of a belted coat and trousers, featuring large expanding pockets on the breast and tighs. The firstpattern uniform had a single snap closure for these pockets. The second pattern jump uniform, wich appeared in 1942, had two snaps on the cargo pockets. Glider-born troops were not issued the jump uniform, but wore the standard field uniform of the time.
Afther the early airborne operation in the Mediterranean, the jumpsuit uniform was deemd overall satisfactory, exept for its durability. For the Normandy operation of june 1944, reinforcing patches of canvas were sewn on th elbows ans lower pockets of the pants. Twin straps let in at inseam helped keep the thigh pockets contents from bulging. Reinforcing patches were usually cut from greenish waterproofed material, which turned gray after laundering. More than 90% of all jump suits were thus reinforced before D-Day. At the end of the summer of 1944 however, the specific jump suit was replaced by the universal-issue M-1943 field uniform.

More Equipment
Random Field Equipment used between 1942-1945

Click Here to view larger image.

photo courtesy of Jaguar + Taken at The Airborne & Special Operations Museum

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82nd Airborne
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